Assessment and Career Counseling

We provide free assessment to each individual students. C&H Education Consultants provides you the right option for course which particularly is imperative to satisfying a student’s future. Our dedicated and experienced team understands the students need and guide them accordingly. We keep an eye on student’s demand, their PROFILE  and professional market scenario. We guide and assist you in choosing right course and providing best career choice.

Student and Parents Consultation

We provide face to face consultation service which gives an opportunity to students to speak to our experienced career counselors, who will provide an assistance and give you proper guidance about your career.

Preparing Case and Filing of Documents

Since we are a reliable and authorize consultant, we will present your case in respective institution and country. We will organize and prepare your file and present in a proper manner in order to get successful visa.

Follow-up and information about updates

Our assigned career counselor will do regular follow– ups with the colleges/ universities and  provides you an updates regarding any changes in rules and regulation related to your case.

Preparation for Interview

Our experienced staff will conduct mock up interviews with student and polish his/her expertise which will help in getting a success not just in visa but in getting a job in desired country as well.